Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Updated list of presenters:

Here is a more complete list of presenters and topics (in no particular order) AS IT STANDS NOW
for the City University of Hong Kong conference: Extra/Ordinary Dress Code: Skin Skin and Costuming, December 8,9, & 10 2009.

Viki Karaminas - Über Men: Fashionable Heroics, Costume and Masculine Style in American Superhero Comics

Ellen Pearlman - Sexuality and Costume as Power and Individuation

Tim Sedo - We are not Athletes!

Xavier Tam, Siu Yan - Globalizing Yaoi: Tracing Boys Love across Chinese Cinemas

Holly Alford - The Influence of African American Hip Hop on Japanese Youth Culture

Luke Sharp - MAID UP: An Exploration of the Cosplay Maid Character in Japan

Gillian Davies - Urban Warriors 2009

Isaac Leung - Queering Sex machines: The Re-articulation of Non-normative Sexualities and Technosexual Bodies

Movana Chen - two-way communication

Ali Khan - Bollywoodization of American Pop Culture

Damayanthie Eluwawalage - Fashion and Popular Culture: a Philosophical Approach

Nesterova Maria, Spitsyna Ksenia - Victorian costume as a trend of contextual fashion in Japan: cultural and aesthetic analyses

Katalin Medvedev - From Waste to Taste: Cambodian Street Kids Craft Stylish Items From Garbage

Mathew Chew, Lu Chen - The Subculture and Subcultural Capital of Cosplay in China

Emily Schwarzwald - Dresscode. What Dresscode?! Styles in QueerLesbianWomanTrans BDSM Subculture

Tsang Kim Wa (Kim Peacock) - am as a text

Sophia Erray - The Past is Another Country

Silvia Fok - Nudity as Self-fashioning in Chinese Performance Art

Kazumi Nagaike, Kaori Yoshida - Cosplay Discourse in Japanese Girls’/Women’s Manga Comics

Kate Lingley - Cross-dressing and Silk Road Fashion in the Early Tang

Rodolfo Canete (Jun) – TBA

Gina Marchetti - LUST, CAUTION, Fashion

Farhana Ibrahim - Cloth, Identity, Meaning

陳世樂 (ah3) - 「乜你今日有打扮過咩?!」⎯⎯香港跨性別人士的衣飾觀念與打扮策略

Ma. Bernadette Bravo - Pinoy Cosplay: Defining the Filipino Take on the Cosplay Subculture

Theresa M. Winge - Modern Domesticity Tied in a Bow at the Back of the Zoku Apron

Gabrielle Chang - Western Vogue, Chinese Chic: Fashion Illustration in Early 20th Century China

IN ADDITION I list four of our featured speakers with links to their blogs OR to online articles:

Mia Chen -

Louise Bak -

Hazel Clark -

Sharon Kinsella -

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