Monday, December 14, 2009

The Big Opening

A nice turn-out, audience to final Ex/O D Code event, "The Rest of Us" at Videotage.
To see more photos of December 10 at Videotage visit

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Next!:Extra/Ordinary Dress Code Conference

The next event on the our schedule, after the successful opening of Ego Systems at White Tube, Hong Kong Arts Centre, is a three day conference featuring an exciting array of international speakers focusing on fashion, not solely as an "industry", but as an expression of various sub-cultural desires and situations.

You can link here, and access the conference website, where you can find the full three day schedule (December 8,9,10), information about registering for conference, and directions to the conference site.

Please come, enjoy, and participate!

And don't forget our final event - an exhibition and "Flash Cabaret" at Videotage, December 10, starting at 6pm. Food and beverage will be served!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Thanks for a successful opening

Thanks to everyone, especially all the artists, who helped open the Ego Systems / 身份實例 exhibition - And the show continues until December 5!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Extra/Ordinary Dress Code Three Event Program

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In out current banner please see advertised: Ego Systems / 身份實例
The first part of the three part Extra/Ordinary Dress Code program
which consists of:

Ego Systems / 身份實例
@ White Tube – The gallery of The Hong Kong Art School
白管子 – 香港藝術學院畫廊
November 6 - December 5, 2009

Extra/Ordinary Dress Code: Costuming and the Second Skin in Asia
International Conference @ City University of Hong Kong
December 8,9,10, 2009

The Rest of Us
@ Videotage
December 10 - 24, 2009


"Dress Codes" at International Center of Photography, NYC

It's all over the place . . . everywhere . . . We want to bring this show to Hong Kong.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Welcome to the Fantasy Fashion Festival

We’re happy to announce the inclusion of TokyoFashion.Com in our program (What’s the program? See below) as a “live stream” from his flickr blog (no product endorsements . . . just the image) . . . one of those things that you come across, across the bandwidth (I was looking for something else . . . and this found me) . . . TokyoFashion.Com’s excellent tireless documentation of everything out there (a lot of humans out there) on the streets of Tokyo. We’re trying to do the same thing here in Hong Kong

TokyoFashion.Com will be included in our exhibition at Videotage beginning December 10, but you can start now:

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Updated descriptions and dates of extra/ordinary program activities

Extra/Ordinary Dress Code: Costuming and the Second Skin in Asia

By way of academic and artistic endeavors Extra/Ordinary Dress Code explores local and global fashion and sub-cultural style - Focusing on modes of dress, aesthetic trends and cultural politics – Reflecting on gender, age, sexuality, lived experience, consumer habits and the ways a material commodity is integral to the creative industries –

1. A CONFERENCE held at City University of Hong Kong on December 8,9,10, 2009 with invited international scholars and artists, such as Vicky Karaminas, Louise Bak, and Hazel Clark. The conference takes a critical look at fashion in relation to the local and global histories of clothing, styles of appearance and dressing-up, the semiotics of mainstream society and deviant sub-cultures.

2. A GALLERY SHOW at Videotage on December 10, 2009 exhibiting a COLLABORATIVE PHOTO PROJECT documenting the everyday dress of the people of Hong Kong by way of full body size photos printed and exhibited on roll-up banners and A4 size prints. Models include a wide spectrum of Hong Kong types and lifestyles; ALSO the fantasy costuming of four local Cosplayers, along with live appearances by our "street models" and "Cosplayers” (not exactly a "catwalk", but most definitely a live interaction).

3. A CABARET style event, at the opening of the Videotage exhibition on December 10, 2009 inviting a mix of artists and academics to explain “fashion” as it stands right now within their lives and practices. Confirmed participants include Toronto based poet Louise Bak, Taiwanese filmmaker Mia Chen, Viennese artist Nino Jaeger, and local artist Him Lo.

4. A GROUP SHOW at The White Tube Gallery, Hong Kong Art Center in November/December 2009, exhibiting a juried selection of four different semester’s work from the SPEED Digital Imaging course at the Hong Kong Art School. Students were required to create an alternate or "fake" identity using themselves as the model, and Digital Imaging as their form.